Alternative Handmade Jewelry

Welcome to my studio.

My name is Diva Zucker, I am the jeweler behind DeZigner.Studio.

I make independent, self manufactured fashion items, following fashion trends with a personal statement.

Every piece I make gets a focus of attention on the slightest details.
My main inspirations comes from the latest fashion trends, urban surroundings, street art and a great love for mother nature and the animal kingdom.

One of my main goals is to help my customers know exactly  what they are buying.
In my shop you can find the description on each item and which materials it is made of.
You can also request a quote for a custom jewelry.


High quality materials to make your jewelry last forever


Affordable prices


Here to make your wishes come true

Make a custom order

Don’t settle for less – High Quality Affordable Fashion

All of my creations are made by hand at my home studio in Israel.
In order to keep a loyal customers community , I don’t have a local store.
I mainly focus on marketing online, while keeping the a hand-made metal-smiting quality at attractive prices.
I offer free worldwide shipping with expedited shipping options in case you want to receive your item faster.

So why would you buy from me:

Great Customer Service

I will do my absolutely best in order to solve any issue

Secure Payment

You can pay securely with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express

12 Months Warranty

On all items in my shop

Free Worldwide Shipping

No Minimum


I accept emails, promotions and other benefits from DeZigner.Studio

We won’t ever use your personal details for any other purpose than sending you secret fan members promotions

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